PRODUCER from Vancouver providing the hottest beats and production services in the 604!! DJ 151 has been a staple in the West Coast Hip Hop scene for 20 years and has unleashed his highly anticipated all original debut production album titled “The New Vintage” With all his experience playing for crowds, opening up for all his influences in the industry and being a well-respected DJ in the hip-hop market, producing a complete well-rounded album came very naturally. He has rocked crowds with legends such as Nas, Too $hort, Ice T, Lil Jon, E40, Dogg Pound, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Mr. Cheeks, B-Real, Warren G, Jadakiss, Sean Paul and the list goes on.

“The New Vintage” was created to bring back the sounds that made us fall in love with hip-hop. It boasts a roster of west coast veterans such as Kanabliss, Tre Nyce, Concise, Phixx Cravin’ Hydro, Trajikk and platinum certified legend Madcihld! Also on the MC list are great up and coming artists such as Queezi, Chrome Scorsese, Poetikx, Alite, Lexx Rockwell just to name a few….. To add some soul and vibes, Zukie Josepph and Rani Reddy provided some warm vocals and harmonies to the project.

After releasing his debut production album “The New Vintage” in March of 2015, DJ 151 (Junior Bali) quickly carried on with the momentum on continuing his dream beginning production on the follow up…. At first, he was contemplating calling it “The Next Vintage”, but as the roster started filling up with Bay Area legends such as Rappin 4Tay, B-Legit, Celly Cel and Los Angles Rap Stars WC and Ras Kass, he quickly knew he had to go with a different name. With his 20 plus years in the Vancouver hip-hop scene, reaching out to the veterans and up and coming stars of the 604 was easy. Madchild (BaxWar), Merkules (Stomp Down), Tre Nyce (Famolotti) Kanabliss and Hindu V are amongst some of the many talents that jumped on board quickly! Having this much talent from both countries DJ 151 came up with the title “NO BORDERS”, bridging the gap through music.

This album is a reflection of the smooth and hard evolving sounds of the smooth West Coast flavour, DJ Mustard, Dr. Dre, Warren G etc… There were also some other great influences from many other significant regions of the culture! Bringing together over a dozen hip-hop talents from across the west of the continent has never been done before!! From party jams to hard street anthems to pumped up game time motivators, this album has it ALL!!!! The artist combinations are just captivating.

So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a complete musical journey made with passion, respect and hard work!!